What Do I Need To Know About Dragon Style Kung Fu?

May 9, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

The dragon is seen as one of the five main animals of Chinese martial arts. The dragon is perhaps the most well-known animal, in terms of animals that are associated with martial arts and Asian culture in general. However, it is only one animal. Within the five main animals of Chinese martial arts, you also have the crane, the tiger, the leopard, and the snake. And then there are all the other animals that make up the various kung fu styles out there.

Nonetheless, this Chinese martial art offers a fantastic level of training and conditioning to those who are interested. The rich traditions of dragon methods of the martial arts combine with the history of the style to create something that rightfully deserves a place as one of the five main animals.

Background And History

As you’re going to discover, when people talk about this style, it’s probable that they are referring to southern dragon style. This is a form of kung fu that truly seeks to emulate the movements of the legendary Chinese dragon figure.

The dragon is a significant figure in Chinese culture. There are examples of the dragon all throughout the history and mythology of China. The dragon style form of kung fu seeks to represent all of this history, while also giving the individual a form of self-defense that is truly capable of protecting the individual.

One of the most appealing aspects of dragon style kung fu involves versatility. This form of kung fu is designed to make it possible for someone to protect themselves from a wide assortment of dangerous scenarios. The winding low yang figures prominently into many of the southern dragon style techniques that are available to study. This refers to techniques that seek to focus on quick, powerful movements.

You’ll notice the quick, powerful element to many of the techniques you study. You’re also going to find that the foot work involved in dragon style kung fu techniques makes for something that is quite unique, as well. Individuals will move in a zig-zag motion. This motion is designed to emulate the movements of the dragon.

There is much more to the dragon style that must be studied. This includes a motto, the codes that are associated with the southern dragon style, and the four rules that seek to govern those who study and commit to the teachings.

The Bottom Line

Dragon style kung fu is a truly singular style in the world of kung fu.

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