What Are the Differences Between Rain Shoes, Rain Boots & Rubber Rain Shoes?

December 20, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Rain boots helps to protect and keep feet warm during the rainy season. Honestly speaking, you cannot walk in the rain wearing open shoes or high heels. That is just insane. Firstly your feet will get wet, extremely cold and it is easy to get infected if you have any open wounds on your feet. So when it rains, try not to go for the all common phrase “freeze and shine”. It is better to buy a pair of rain boots that are comfortable and warm for your feet.

On the other hand, rain shoes are similar to rain boots. They are waterproof and warm, keeping your feet safe from the rain. They also serve the same purpose of protecting your feet from extreme weather conditions. However, they do have a slight difference. Rain boots are usually high cut shoes that can go as high as the knees, while rain shoes are low cut shoes which are normally ankle high. Moreover, rain shoes are more preferable worn to the workplace or school without looking weird. This is due to the similar look and style that they have as normal shoes which matches well with different attires. They are commonly made with the material of rubber or leather, so it remains your choice as to what to pick.

As for rubber rain shoes, they are made out of high quality rubber to make sure that they stay waterproof. In fact, they are very common because they are not easily damaged by water like most leather shoes. They are also not affected by extreme weather conditions, that is, if it is cold, they do not get too cold and if it is hot they do not get too hot. You can also walk for long distances wearing rubber rain shoes with flat soles, because of the comfort it offers. As a matter of fact, rubber rain shoes can be bought for a low price as compared to the other types of shoes. They are a cheap and reliable alternative for those who cannot afford the expensive leather ones as they provide good comfort and protection as well as them. Rubber rain shoes also reduce the chances of slipping when walking on wet areas as rubber has a better fraction.

It is important to choose wisely and pick a a pair of suitable rain boots or rain shoes that is suitable for your gender and foot size to protect your feet.