Wedge Shoes

August 6, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Wedge shoes are rocking the ramp, college campus, work place, parties and every place imaginable. Actually, this is not a new trend, but the comeback of these shoes after almost 80 years.

Wedges or platform means that the shoes are not raised just from the heel, but they are raised all over. So, when the wearer wears these shoes, the feet will not be inclined much, although these shoes may have a high heel. Therefore, these are much comfortable as compared to stilettos, in which the feet remains inclined for as long as you wear the stilettos.

What are the benefits of wedge shoes?

There are immense health benefits of these shoes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. These shoes are true friends of the feet. Since your entire foot remains supported by the wedges, you will not feel uncomfortable, even if you wear a 4 inch heel for long hours. As against this, if you wear the same heeled stilettos for long hours, you are likely to get cramps.
  2. Nature has provided that our body weight should be borne by the entire feet and not just by the heels. This principle is taken care of, more or less in case of wedge shoes.
  3. When the burden of the body weight is carried by your heels alone for long hours, the calf muscles get damaged.
  4. These shoes are generally open toed and therefore lets your feet breathe. The air will dry away the moisture of the feet and keep them fresh.

Apart from the health benefits, there are various other strengths of these shoes.

  • These are stylish and elegant.
  • These are a boon particularly for petite women.
  • It tends to give a slimmer appearance to the overall personality.
  • These can be worn with any of your clothes-jeans, skirts, evening gowns, pants etc and on any occasion. You can even wear them to your work place, provided the design you choose should not look out of place for office.
  • These are available in all the price brackets. So whether you are a king or a pauper, you are sure to find a pair just right for you.

Moreover, you can hardly find as many varieties in other shoes as they are available in wedge shoes.

If you have beautiful and well treated feet, clear shoes or transparent shoes will suit you the most. The heel is made of acrylic. The body is sometimes studded with colored stones to enhance appeal.

Wood shoes give a chunkier look. These are preferred by the celebrities.

The silk variety can be worn on special occasions.

Neutral colored wedges can be worn for work.

Thus, you will find a shoe for every place and a place for every shoe and this is the primary reason for the popularity of these shoes.