The History of Rieker Shoes

January 24, 2024 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Rieker shoes as a brand is now more than a century and a quarter old and in the one hundred and thirty years or so of its existence the company has grown to epic proportions. The shoe company was started as a simple shoe factory in the city of Tuttlingen by Heinrich Rieker and Carl Seitz under their last names, Rieker & Seitz. A couple of decades later in 1901 Carl Seitz left the company and his name was dropped from the company’s name. Just four years after this Heinrich died in 1905 and the management of the company was taken over by his three sons Karl, Ernst and Heinrich.

By 1969 the company had grown so large that it had to be split into three parts to function effectively. It now employed over two thousand workers in its factories and offices. The company was split into three parts with three members of the Rieker family as the head of each division. One company that was soon to be dissolved however a few years later would produce ski boots and it was headed by Justus R. A second company was to be headed by Kurt R. and was to concentrate on the development and production of ladies’ and gents sports shoes. This division was to be based in Tuttlingen. The third and final division of the company, headed by Roland R. was now transferred to the town of Donaueschingen where it would manufacture and sell children’s shoes.

Today the company is still based in the city of Tuttlingen in Germany though its headquarters are now in Switzerland in a city called a Thayngen. The company’s products are sold in approximately seven thousand five hundred retailers all over Europe. It also employs over twelve thousand people worldwide in its various factories, offices and sales departments.

Rieker makes a huge range of shoes for women and men today such as its famous Strobel stitched shoes which are known all around Europe as being one of the most comfortable and light weight shoes that are on sale today. The shoes have a light weight sole made out of Polyurethane and this is corner stitched to high quality leather uppers.

The company also makes a range of very stylish and practical loafers for both men and women in styles with names lie Doro Whitney and Tamara for women and Garrit and Joshua for men. Their most popular product though is sports shoes for both men and women.