The Batchelorette Party Hen Night

January 24, 2024 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Bachelorette Parties or Hen Nights as we know them in the UK are usually designed with the bride’s personality in mind.

Although the practice of giving a party to honor the bride-to-be goes back for centuries, in its modern form, the bachelorette/hen party may have begun during the 1960s. It wasn’t very common until at least the mid-1980s, and the first book on planning these type of parties wasn’t published until 1998. Its cultural significance is largely tied to concepts of gender equality. Compared to the more American bridal shower, which helps the bride-to-be acquire possessions and reinforces the traditional gender roles, a bachelorette party is an expression of social and sexual freedom.

Initially, parties in honor of the bride-to-be that were labeled as bachelorette party often involved displays of sexual freedom, such as attending male revues or strip shows, asking strangers intimate questions,having to pay forfeits and play traditional games or getting drunk, and parties that honored the bride-to-be without these elements avoided that label. Now the term is used for a wide variety of parties.

There are whole nights organised around the UK which evolves around the pre wedding theme and has everything you want for a Batchelorette party under one roof!

Think about it… once you’ve gone out for dinner, hired a stripper, seen a show, and gone clubbing, got a cab to each what it would cost? It may be a cheaper option to go for a package for another reason – arguments if everything is per arranged you won’t find yourself outside a bar arguing about who wants to do what next only to discover they don’t let hen nights in once you have got there.