Tennis Shoes – Important Piece of Tennis Equipment That Many People Tend to Ignore

November 24, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Tennis shoes represent a piece of equipment that many people tend to ignore without realizing that most of the time the shoes are the ones that make quite a big difference both during training and in competitions. While playing, the effort and stress that the feet have to bear could often lead to lack of proper responsiveness from the mental-physical coordination perspective. As it may obviously be seen in televised tennis games, tennis players have to run, move a lot sideways and back and forth putting a great amount of pressure on their feet. The pressure placed on the feet can be greatly reduced with the help of a high quality pair of shoes.

Tennis shoes manufacturers are now competing for market ground throughout the entire world trying to come up with breakthrough ideas as to how to improve the shoes recommended for this sport. Every new pair that is ready to hit the markets has already gone through play-tests that test the shoe behavior and resistance as compared to other brands or older designs. Adidas, Nike, Lotto, Prince – these are but a few of the many manufacturers that try to take the lead in terms of tennis shoes and their appeal to buyers.

Generally speaking there are some characteristics that tennis shoes have to include in order to make a good choice. Comfort represents the main criterion to identify the right shoes. A cushion system can do wonders offering heel strike and helping the player sprint better. Even though they may seem a little stiff when out of the box, always judge performance after a period of wear-testing them. The best comfort shoes are those that don’t lose the cushion system effects in time and do not lose the property easily.

And of course, sole durability and traction should not be left out when considering a pair of tennis shoes. Players train a lot and participate in quite a lot of matches that is why they need the sole of the shoes to be as resistant to wear as possible. Moreover, their movement on the court remains equally important; they should not slip and cause balance issues. That is why the type of pattern that offers traction is also very important for the choice of a reliable pair.