Quinny Vs Bugaboo – Which is the Best Stroller For Your Baby?

December 22, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Quinny is a Dutch brand long popular in Europe and gaining fans in the US. Like their rival Bugaboo, Quinny makes strollers that are minimalist, eye catching, and father friendly. Both companies market to high-end consumers; that’s why you see so many movie stars, politicians, and social elite pushing Bugaboos and Quinnys. If you simply must have the stroller of the stars, you’ll want to consider the Bugaboo Gecko or the Quinny Buzz. This side by side comparison should help you decide.

Let’s face it, design is the real reason you are considering buying a Quinny Buzz or a Bugaboo Gecko. You could find plenty of strollers with similar features for a lot less money, but none of them would look as cool as a Gecko or a Buzz.

Cosmetically, both strollers are nice to look at. The Bugaboo’s Gecko is older by a few years, and it shows in its slightly boxier design. The Quinny Buzz has a shallower seat that looks a little more modern, but the Gecko’s seat looks more comfortable. The handle on both strollers looks about the same. The real difference between the Buzz and the Gecko is in their chassis. Based solely on looks, the Quinny Buzz has a sleeker chassis with a sporty three-wheel design. However, the Bugaboo Gecko’s four-wheeled chassis is more versatile and can be used in more places. Both the Quinny Buzz and the Gecko feature larger, air-filled rear wheels that give a smooth, effortless ride.

Both the Bugaboo Gecko and the Quinny Buzz come with pointless storage systems that are too small to be practical even if they do look cool.

If you are going to use your stroller primarily in the city, both the Bugaboo Gecko and Quinny Buzz will perform beyond your expectations. The Quinny Buzz is smaller and features a compact fold that opens by itself with a little nudge from you. The Buzz’s narrower wheelbase comes in handy when using public transportation or navigating crowded streets and shops.

If you plan to take your baby off the beaten path, the Bugaboo Gecko is a much better choice. The Buzz doesn’t handle snow, sand, or rough road well. The Bugaboo Gecko by comparison can go virtually anywhere thanks to the chassis’ ability to transform into an all-terrain vehicle.

Value For Money
Both the Bugaboo and Quinny strollers are expensive. The basic Bugaboo Gecko sells for around $680 but has the added advantage that it comes with a two year warranty, stroller seat and all-weather covers. The Quinny Zapp retails for as little as $200 but then you need to buy all the essential accessories on top. Pound for pound, it’s hard to pick a real winner out of these two stroller manufacturers but if saving money is your main aim then Quinny wins.