Plus Sized Fashion: Trends That Should Never Be Worn By a Girl With Curves

September 17, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

As a plus sized woman, I feel like I can accurately critique plus sized women’s fashions without being criticized for my opinion. I have ridden the “plus sized band wagon” for years and all I can say is that yes, the fashion for curvier girl is getting better every year. While there are still some huge fashion gaps within the industry, plus sized girl’s fashion has come a long way since the days of just being told to buy a tent sized dress and deal with it.

Curvy girls want to feel as pretty and fashion forward just as much as anyone else does but, there are just some fashion trends that are not meant for our fuller frames. Again, I have been every size from a 10 to a 24 so I do understand the struggles that plus sized women face every time they go to a store and shop. However much you want to wear that pair of skinny jeans or super tight knit dress, those particular trends just do not accentuate a full figured women’s curves in the right way. Overall, the goal is to find fashions that both fit your body and highlight your beautiful body in the most positive ways.

The following list are trends that plus sized girls should avoid:

1. Acid Wash-This trend should have stayed in the 1980s. It is both unattractive and unflattering on a curvier body. It will only make your hips and thighs looks bigger than they actually are.

2. Bermuda Shorts-I have never been a fan of longer shorts or capri type pants in general. They have the overwhelming tendency to make the legs look shorter and stumpier rather than longer and leaner. And women of all sizes tend to wear shorts one to two sizes tighter than is appropriate for their body weight/type. Wearing shorts of any kind too tightly will make you run the risk of having the dreaded “camel toe.” As a rule of thumb, if you are going to wear shorts, wear regular style ones and try to make them less light and the appropriate length.

3. Herringbone Tights-Tights are one of those tricky little fashion trends that every girl debates at least once in her life. Even I have been tempted to go “wild” with my tights, considering ones with elaborate patterns and colors. Herringbone in particular are a patterned tight with extremely intricate design patterns that are just not flattering on a curvier girl. The best choice is always to go with darker neutral colors. When you think about it, do you really want your legs to be the focal point of your outfit? Trust me, when I tell you that they will just make you look both juvenile and silly as opposed to sexy or exotic.

4. Harem Pants-No one looks good in harem pants. Lets just leave it at that.

5. Chiffon Blouses-I have a true love/hate relationship with chiffon. While it makes for a great cover up, you will also be screaming to the world “I am plus sized and I have something that needs covering up.” The material does nothing for a curvier figure and may just make you look bigger than you are. Wear a colorful chiffon blouse to the beach. Otherwise, just leave it on the hanger at the store.