MX Riding Boots – The Second Most Important Piece of Protective Wear for Dirt Bike Riding

December 3, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Second only to the motorcycle helmet, MX riding boots improve your overall riding experience by making you a more confident rider. Other pieces of dirt bike riding gear, such as the chest protector, elbow guards, etc. are great but their primary purpose is to protect you in a fall or collision. I can’t count how many times my feet have slammed into rocks, stumps and logs that did not lead to a crash but could have lead to a foot injury had I not been wearing MX riding boots.

Foot pegs on a dirt bike can cause some serious injuries. Foot pegs are basically a sharp, jagged piece of aluminum designed to provide an extreme non-slip surface. This sharp foot peg, coupled with a good pair of MX riding boots makes you feel really connected with the bike and will take your riding to the next level.

However, if you have ever tried to kick-start a dirt bike wearing a regular pair of work boots, you are very aware of how close your calf comes to the foot peg. I know a girl who has a nasty scar from trying to kick-start a dirt bike. She literally had a gouge taken out of her calf. Now, she has motocross boots.

Another common injury that people get when riding without MX boots is to their shin. Your foot could come off the foot peg and slam back into it breaking your tibia. You could also scrap the skin off you shin when your leg slips down over the jagged peg.

There is no chance of these types of injuries when you ride with motocross boots.

When riding in the northeast you will encounter lots of mud. Ranging in size from a swimming pool to a small lake, mud-puddles can be an intimidating obstacle to navigate. Many motocross riding boots extend up to just under your knee and are typically water proof or resistant. MX riding boots make riding in the mud fun and help keep your feet dry.

The benefits of wearing motocross riding boots

  • Protection for your feet, shins and calf area from foot peg related injuries
  • Protection for your lower legs from rocks trees and other rides
  • A better connection to the bike
  • A greater feeling of safety and boosts your confidence
  • They make riding in the mud fun
  • They look like something Gene Simons would wear on stage with KISS

I personally ride with a pair of motocross boots made by Moose Riding Equipment (M1 Boot). I like them very much because they seem to extend further up the leg than most others motocross boots plus the foot area of the boot is a tough rigid plastic. My feet would have been crushed several times without that. The shin area also contains hard plastic parts. My friends have mx boots made by Thor. They look great and are very comfortable; they just don’t seem as beefy as the M1. The cost was also a factor for me. I only had $100 to make this purchase. Prices range from $100 – $500. I am sure the higher end boots would be better than the less expensive ones. The point is, if you are going out to ride then protect you feet. One x-ray at the doctor’s office will cost more than $100.