Leather Jackets Make a Real Man

January 20, 2024 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

A must in every man’s wardrobe are coats and jackets. You just can’t do without them. Whether it’s coats that you want to buy or jackets, it’s important that you look for the right kind. While coats can be worn only during winter, jackets can be worn in any season. You can sport one in summer, just to make a style statement or wear one in winter, to protect you from the cold. Jackets are normally worn over shirts or T-shirts and jeans and trousers. There are formal, semi-formal and casual jackets. You can wear a formal one to a dinner at a high-end restaurant, a semi-formal one to office or even a date and a casual one to a pub. The market has a huge variety of jackets for men. From denim, cotton to woolen, the choice is vast. jackets are no longer only associated with a rugged look, they are very much a fashion accessory.

Men’s leather jackets have always been associated with rock stars, punks, bikers and the police. They instantly evoke an image of a macho man. A good leather jacket can actually add a lot of value to one’s personality. Nowadays these are available in a variety of colours. Black is an all time favourite and a classic colour. Tan and different shades of brown are the other eternal favourite. But for those who want a bit of colour in their life, you can choose from red, blue, green and orange. For dull winter days, there’s no harm in wearing a colourful leather jacket.

When buying it, one needs to be sure of the quality of leather. It’s always better if you choose the best one. Otherwise chances are that a poor quality may not even last one season. A good quality will cost a lot. But it’s worth the price. This is one piece of clothing which you wouldn’t want to be spoilt.

The designs in men’s leather jackets are varied. Short, long, loose, tight-fit with multi-pockets, metal chains, metal buttons – you have a long list. You can go for a simple, plain look, the classic one. Or invest in one that would give you a rock star image. Go for a long overcoat style jacket or a trendy soft, luxuriant leather one. Depending on the type, you can wear them for different occasions.