How to Get Your Girlfriend to Go Down On You Regularly

February 13, 2024 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Hey man,

Your girlfriend doesn’t want to go down on you anymore, or she never did? No worries. I’ll give you a few tips that will triple the chances of your girlfriend going down on you, without you having to beg for it. Let’s see what you need to do to get her to like caressing your penis with her mouth more often.

The first thing you need to do is identify the reasons why your girlfriend doesn’t want to go down on you at all, or as often as you’d like her to (it can never be enough) I’ve been with more women than I can remember, and I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you because I found the 4 most common reasons that women don’t go down on a guy (me included), and how to eliminate these things from Your behavior, so that she’ll feel an urge to suck you off on a daily basis. Here they are:

1. She finds it degrading, disgusting or considers it done only by prostitutes which is non-sense, I know. This can also just be an excuse. How do you solve it? Help her by being more open sexually yourself. Eat her out. Help her let go and relax when she’s with you by being as non-judgmental as possible. A girl like this has issues and probably took too many “feminism” classes. Sure, you can still get her to enjoy going down on you, but it might take a bit more effort and better persuasion tactics other than regular common sense.

2. She is totally inexperienced. Women that have no idea how to give proper oral sex are petrified of doing it. If you are recently together with this girl, she’s afraid not to make a fool out of herself or making you think that she’s a prostitute again, that’s non-sense, and work on helping her let go and liberate herself sexually next to you as much as possible. Enjoy her whole body. Kiss every part of it. If she’s inexperienced, and you think that is what’s stopping her from going down on you, then you need to let her know, subtly though, that you won’t dump her if she messes up. Encourage her to “just be herself” when she’s with you, by you being yourself too. Try to get her to relax and stop stressing around things that aren’t important.

3. She believes that going down on you just “isn’t worth the effort.” Women like this don’t have enough respect or love toward you, yet. The solution is, in a way, pretty simple: Get her to like/love/respect you more. When a woman loves you, and when she finds you to be a valuable partner/boyfriend/husband – she then feels potential in you. And if there’s potential in you, she’ll give her best to KEEP you HER man – blow jobs included. Figure out how to make going down on you “worth it” for her by becoming more attractive to all women, not just her. When she sense competition, she’ll do anything to keep you happy.

4. To elaborate on #3, not only is it that she doesn’t find going down on you “not worth the effort,” but she also thinks “Why would I go down on him, if he never goes down on me??” Some women are natural pleasers, they like making their man happy no matter what. Unfortunately, a lot of western women are becoming more and more self-centered and selfish in bed, and they expect that only because they possess a vagina they don’t need to do anything else to please their boyfriend. Hopefully you aren’t with a girl like this. In case you are, here’s what you can do. Option one is to dump her. Option two is to give her sex that’s so amazing, that she becomes addicted to you, and that she becomes scared to lose you. If you manage to do that (and you should do that anyway), she’ll give her best to please you back. It’s the rule of reciprocity. Give and you’ll get back a lot more. Just make sure that you give first, and don’t expect anything in return.