Factors to Consider When Choosing Designer Hats

June 17, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Hats are making a comeback; thanks to the high-profile events that have seen celebrities adorn their heads with fancy headgear. Whatever the season or occasion, designer hats offer a stylish and fun addition to any outfit. Different hats feature different materials including cotton, leather and straw bodies. Straw hats are particularly great for wearing to any outdoor formal function, at the beach, for gardening or while travelling. Furthermore, some hats feature wider brims, effectively helping to keep the sunlight away from the eyes and face. Some have details that add an interesting aspect to the accessory. To help you choose the right hat, consider the following factors:

· Shape of ears

Men with large ears that stick out should consider wearing hats that cover their ears. The hat should feature a moderately tall and full crown, minimal to slight taper and a wide brim. The wider the brim the better the hat to cover the ears and make them seem smaller. Avoid rolling the brim because this is likely to highlight the ears. Furthermore, it should be worn tilted down in the back. The recommended hats include the Wide-brimmed Fedora, Panama and Gambler.

· Hair & complexion

Men look good in most colors, but some colors go well with certain hair colors and complexions. Therefore, men with gray or brown hair would look better in a gray or green hat, while blondes would look better in gray, green or brown ones. Men who have Auburn, red hair would look better in blue, green or brown ones. The best ones for a pale complexion is gray or dark blue, while the best hat for a dark complexion is brown. Men who have a ruddy complexion look better in gray, blue or brown hats, while men with a darker olive complexion look better in a green or brown complexion.

· Clothes

They can be worn with any outfit. However, if you are interested in achieving a sharp look, it is advisable to wear a hat that complements your clothes. For this reason, brown ones are best worn with green or brown suits. If you are planning to wear a dark gray or dark blue suit, one that features a dark brown can look acceptable. Gray ones are versatile and can be worn with blue, dark gray and black suits or coats. A blue hat works well with a gray or blue suit. If you are planning to wear a blue suit, the color of the hat should match fairly closely. A green hat is versatile, but works better with light brown or tan suits. It also accents gray, green and black suits very well.