Discovering Your Soul Purpose Series: Article 1 – Your First Steps

June 23, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

From deep in the very heart of you comes the yearning to be the expression of your Soul, to live your Soul Purpose. You feel it on some days more than others, but it is always there. The desire to express, to create, to Be. So how do you do it? How do you step into this flow? How do you go deeper? How do you live the experience of being truly fulfilled?

The first thing to understand is that the path to your Soul Purpose may not be a straight line. It may take a few sidewards steps or even giant leaps to get there, but you can get there if you ‘stay the course’.

The second thing to know is that all of the external qualifications in the world will never ‘be’ your Soul Purpose, they may help get you there, but your real Soul Purpose is uniquely and undeniably You. Think of the difference between an artist and a forger – the artist expresses from their soul, the forger from their head. Using external frameworks (as in training) may help you get there, but until your work is unique and coming directly from the Soul, you will not be satisfied.

So how do you start if you have no idea what your Purpose is? You start by setting aside some regular time to do something that entices you, something that you love. You do not have to have any skill or ability in the field, just a passion for it. It may be artistic such as painting (if you love colours and shapes for example), or singing or playing an instrument. You may love words and writing and so, write. If you are developing your psychic ability, deepening your telepathic relationship with your guides, the angels or masters, then that is an expression of Soul. Whatever it is, you can do this without ever showing anyone. You do not have to be brilliant at it, you may not like how it looks or feels, you may not think it looks, sounds, feels, good enough to ever be heard or experienced by anyone else, it doesn’t matter, it is very definitely, the start of the expression of your soul.

If, as you’re doing this work, you pay attention to the gorgeous feelings as you choose a beautiful rich colour to paint with, or feel the flow as you write a few words that fit together so well, you will be identifying with the whisper of soul, the smallest awareness of the flow that you will ultimately truly and thoroughly be the expression of. Don’t worry, this feeling and your relationship with it, will grow, surprisingly quickly.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, it does not matter if what you are working with is not going to be your ultimate soul purpose, you can use this and other mediums to learn what the Soul Flow feels like and build your relationship with it. As you continue to explore and work, you will start to recognise what triggers the flow and move more deeply into areas of expression that are closer to your heart and soul. Of course each person’s path will be unique to them, however, by continuing to work with what brings you joy, you will deepen your relationship with your Soul and its expression and find your way home.