Designer Scented Candles Add a Touch of Elegance to the Home Or Office

November 3, 2022 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Candles create a warm inviting atmosphere in any environment. Designer scented candles add a touch of elegance to the office or home. At affordable prices you will be able to buy more than one without breaking your budget. Think about where you will want to place your designer scented candle or candles. You may want to invest in a candle plate or special holders.

You can find designer scented candles with numerous colors, designs, and scents. They range in prices from $9.95 for a small one to $34.00 for an extra large size. Remember that the larger size candles will burn longer than the small. These will burn up to sixty hours or more. Some designer scented candles come in soy wax and this eliminates the sooty smoke that you find in most candles.

If your boss will allow you to have designer scented candles in the office, you may want to consider that you will not be the only one that enjoys their fragrance. Some people get headaches or are allergic to the strong smell of candles like lavendar or eucalyptus. For the office you will want to stick to light scents. You can find light floral scents that can ease tensions at your office. Designer scented candles with herbal scents like peppermint can help fight fatigue.

At home you can decide what scent you would like. You may want to have different scents for each room. Use designer scented candles in lemon, orange, or cinnamon apple for the kitchen. The living room is where you will want to keep the scent neutral but inviting like lemongrass, vanilla, or cinnamon. For your bedroom think about cucumber melon or French tuberose. The bath area should have a floral, sea breeze, or citrus scent to keep odors at bay.

Whatever designer scented candles you choose, have fun with the arrangement. There are arrangements with large flat stones, decorative balls, candle stands for your fireplace, or large bowls filled with potpourri and a pillar stand in the middle. Think about where you will place your candles and who will see them. Your candles should be inviting with their scent and pleasing to the eye with their arrangement.