Chinese Language – Learn to Use Your Learning Style

May 18, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

As time has passed we know more about the science of learning. We know now that different people learn in different ways. Primarily, we know that people’s learning can be categorized as visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. If you want to learn Chinese easy, it can be helpful to come to understand better what your personal learning style is.

Think about the last time you were in a classroom. Did you have an easy time understanding the subject matter based only on what the teacher said, or did you have an easier time when you saw it written on the board? Did you have an easier time when you could feel it in your hands? How can you accelerate your Chinese language learning based on understanding your learning style?

Most people are primarily visual learners. This means they learn best when they can see something on the page. For these learners, the Chinese system of writing will come relatively easily while speaking and pronunciation might be more of a challenge. In this case it actually might be more beneficial to fight your learning style. While it might be difficult to listen to native speakers and reproduce the sounds that they make it will accelerate your learning to do so, because Chinese must be spoken to be learned. This doesn’t mean that it will be extremely difficult for you. It just means you might have to fight the habit of turning back to the book when you should be speaking. It is helpful for visual learners to get a good acquaintance with pinyin romanization. Reading the conversations written in pinyin will help you get a better feel for the language.

Auditory learners are in luck. Language learning is easy for those who learn best by hearing. It is essentially the same though. Practice listening and speaking, but fight your learning style when it comes to learning the written language.

Kinesthetic learners are described as learning best through touch and sensation, but this is also a way to describe learners who prefer to learn through experience rather than by concepts. Kinesthetic learners can learn Chinese easy by throwing themselves into the experience of listening and speaking. It does not require memorization or study to begin the process of learning Chinese experientially.

Whatever your learning style is it is possible to learn Chinese easy. It is just a matter of getting in touch with what works best for you. There are many paths to the same goal of fluency in Mandarin Chinese. Everyone has to decide for themselves which way they will take.