BlackBerry Bold 9900 In New White Colour Scheme Released

September 15, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

BlackBerry are renowned for giving their most popular smart phone models a white colour scheme and have now released the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 White edition in the UK.

The new white BlackBerry 9900 offers the exact same features, specifications and overall design of the original black model but packs all of the technology into a new white exterior casing for those that love their white gadgets.

This means that this latest white BlackBerry phone features the new BlackBerry 7 operating system that is also found in the new Curve 9360, Torch 9810 and Torch 9860 models, the Bold range, however is one of the manufacturers best-selling lines and is perfect for both business and personal usage.

Other key features of this new phone include a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen alongside the famous qwerty BlackBerry keyboard, a fast 1.2GHz processor with 768MB of RAM to keep things running smoothly, a 5.0 mega pixel camera capable of shooting video at 720p HD quality and connectivity from GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.5G support and Bluetooth.

Alongside these high-end features, the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 also offers the usual array of BlackBerry applications with even more available for download as well as a premium version of ‘Docs to Go’ which allows for easy storing of email attachments and received files.

The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 white edition has now been made available in the UK on Vodafone contract deals and a free phone is available at just £31 line rental per month, this deal is on the Vodafone 300 tariff which allocates 300 minutes of calls, unlimited text messaging and 500MB of data each and every month.

If the popularity of the previous BlackBerry Bold 9780 in white is anything to go by then this new Bold 9900 White edition is set for record sales figures, there is a large interest in white mobile phones which spans across all of the manufacturers with the recently released white iPhone 4S actually outselling the black model at launch.

The new white BlackBerry Bold 9900 is expected to be released by more UK networks over the coming days with contract deals from both O2 and Orange expected to be a similar price to the current Vodafone deals.

This white model is currently an exclusive handset to the ‘Phones4U Group’ in the UK until the limited time launch period will finish and other retailers will be allowed to sell this new white edition.