Are Belly Button Rings Passe?

June 12, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Navel piercings have been very popular over the last few years as young females have enjoyed wearing belly button rings and showing off their midsection. Now this trend is being followed by a new one that allows people to pierce pretty much any part of their body.

Ever since Christy Turlington marched down the runway with her navel pierced in the mid-90s, belly button rings have taken off in popularity especially among high school and college age females. Most states have laws that prohibit piercing for those under 18 but some states allow parental consent to get around this age limit. Navel jewelry was ideal for the low-rise pants and tube tops popular over the last ten years and it will always look good with swimwear and the right type of evening wear. However, as fashion moves into new trends such as high-waisted pants and peasant blouses, will it be as much fun to wear belly button rings?

Of course, there are always the accepted piercing spots of ears, nose, mouth, and eyebrow. These continue to be popular and there are tons of cute jewelry to show off with any of these options. However, another type of piercing to consider is dermal anchoring or microdermal implants. This technique allows you to place an anchor practically anywhere on your body. Many people get them on their chest or arms or even on their face. The technician pulls up the top layer of skin and punches in a plate that will hold the top stud or jewel in place. It is supposed to be easy to do (by a professional, of course) and heals relatively quickly. You can even make a pattern with multiple implants.

And, once healed, you can change the jewelry as often as you’d like. There are sparkly jewels available for when you want to draw attention and skin tone ones for those times you want to play things down. As with any piercing, you have to keep the belly button rings clean and take care of yourself. Titanium is recommended for the material; stay away from anything that is not hypo-allergenic.

Are you ready to go from belly button rings to microdermal anchors? If you are over 18, only you can say!