Anguilla’s Beautiful Scenery Is Earning Much, But the Anguilla’s Real Estate Is Suffering

May 22, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

Due to the tourism interest, the island has been able to attract much of foreign investment. Even the tourism industry suffered setbacks in year 1996 and 2000, but still the industry has been managing the affairs really well.

As Anguilla has been a major attraction for the tourists, the real estate in Anguilla showed a pretty good trend. However, over the couple of past years, the in Anguilla has been confusing. The other islands in Caribbean have shown improvement in their position.

These pieces of land have been a major attraction due to the strong urge among the people to have a secondary home in a peaceful place where they could spend some quality time. But among all these islands, only the Anguilla’s has been a less focus for investors. One major reason for the struggling Anguilla’s has been the fact that Anguilla lags behind much in the infrastructure development which is required for the Anguilla for sale. The infrastructure includes all the basics like airport location, runway extensions, and new roads, and on top of these the closing of some of the very luxurious hotels in Anguilla.

As the other islands of Caribbean have been highlighted on the international exchange and international listings, Anguilla’s government finally took notice and now is working on many projects to revive the international exposure for Anguilla. The two major projects involve the golf course, Ritz Carlton and runway extension. This has improved the Bahamas’ rentals and Bahamas’ listings as well.

The present situation of the in Anguilla shows many homes on coastal land including the inland homes. The prices range of the inland homes range between US$ 350, 000 and US$ 500,000 which also contains homes with seven stars. But the problem with selling this lot of in Anguilla is that the foreign investors would even take the headache of improving the homes with corrosion if located on the coastal areas. So the international real estate for sale in Anguilla suffers the disadvantage of inland homes.

In addition to this, the international rentals and local Anguilla’s rentals for coastal homes in Anguilla’s real estate fall between US$ 450,000 to US$ 600,000. But again, the trend has been shaky as these homes are usually old fashioned. To counter this problem, the home owners are either advised to lower the prices of these homes or improve to give them fresh air in order to make them appear in the international listings.