America’s Next Top Model – Reliving the Standards of the Modeling Industry

August 7, 2023 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

The country’s leading modeling show is back with a new cycle of modeling hopefuls. This time, America’s Next Top Model features models that shorter than what the standard requires. Successful model Tyra Banks, the host of the show was the one who came up this new season’s concept. She is even certain to exclude the tall ones like the way the girls under the 5’7′ standard have been barred from the runway. The objective is to show the world that short models can stand tall and be a model too.

This isn’t the first time that Tyra went against the norm. She brought Whitney Thompson to fame during the previous season of America’sTop Model. Whitney is nowhere near a size 0. It seems Tyra is certain about defying the standards and this time, she’s going to take it into ‘shorter’ heights.

The show’s new concept has caught the interest of many people. The modeling world is even looking forward to see these girls make it big in the glamorous but critical world of modeling. But that is not the major issue here. The point is whether or not Tyra together with the rest of the ladies are really going to go against the norm.

In one of the show’s segment particularly the “Make Me Tall” photoshoot, the ladies were encouraged to make themselves look taller than they used to. During judging, some of the girls were criticized for not doing the task well and even made it the other way around. Now, could this task mean that it’s just OK to be short and model for as long as you can make yourself look taller?

The idea became one of the biggest controversies in the history of the modeling world. But the truth is, Tyra is not trying to challenge the current modeling standards. She is just giving the ladies a chance to prove themselves and conform. The whole idea of today’s America’s Next Top Model cycle simply tells us that “short models can be tall,” rather than “models can be short.”

Tyra is not failing to break down barriers. Modeling has to have standards and the show just reliving the standards because if not then, the industry can allow just about anyone – unattractive, short, overweight – to ramp down the runway and be a model. That wouldn’t be modeling anymore.

What the modeling industry needs is a little touch of makeover because if you completely strip it apart nothing’s left but total ugliness. The real issue is the apparent hypocrisy that the standards of modeling is so strict and often harsh. That’s just how it’s going to be and it’s all up to the people if they will agree or not.

Otherwise, they don’t have to live in pretense believe the whole idea. If it’s OK to be just whatever you want to look, then such shows need not exist.