5 Advantages of Wearing Clogs As Nursing Shoes

January 6, 2024 By Isabelle Sophie Martinet

When you think about clogs, you think about many things such as those wooden shoes worn by Chinese workers or those worn by gardeners and other manual labor workers. Many people outside of the nursing profession do not realize that nursing clogs are fast becoming the official shoes of nurses. It has become so popular that even doctors and other health practitioners are also wearing it.

What Are Clogs

Clogs are certain type of shoes or footwear made partly of wood and is worn by different people and culture around the world. Traditionally, this heavy footwear was worn by workers and is a means of protective gear for those working in factories, mines, and agriculture for example. Over the years, the type of materials for clogs has changed but the shape remains the same with few alterations or modifications involved to suit one’s preference or to entice people to wear it.

Why Nurses are Attracted to Clogs

The nursing profession is one job which need the most comfortable shoes or foot wear. Many of these people work at least 12 hours in a particular shift and they do a lot of running, walking, and standing or attending to duties and responsibilities to help patients recover from their illnesses and other health or medical complications. Thus, clogs provide a comfortable footwear. Hospitals have embraced clogs as part of working shoes; however, they put certain restrictions in terms of design to keep up with insurance requirements.

The Advantages of Clogs

Other than providing comfort, some of the advantages of wearing clogs like some nurses do, particularly male nurses are:

  1. Non-slip footwear. In many instances, nurses are forced to work on different kinds of surfaces and in many cases, some of such surfaces are quite slippery. As a nurse, it is important that they do not slip as they carry along with them harmful tools like syringes, lifesaving drugs such as intravenous transfusion, sutures and many others.
  2. Non-marking sole. Due to its softness in the sole compared with other hard shoes, clogs do not leave footwear marks on surfaces like tiles. It is noted that shoe marks are one of the reasons why floors are damaged. Wearing clogs will definitely gain nods of approval from people at the maintenance department because it leaves no marks on floors; thus, they will find it easier to clean floor surfaces.
  3. Easy to use and slip on. No shoelaces to tie and untie. You just slip your feet in a pair of clogs and you are ready to go.
  4. It is very versatile. For as long as it has a strap back and meet the requirements of the hospital, you can choose any color and style; thus, no need to look boring in it.
  5. It is lightweight and durable. Your feet will not suffer stress and discomfort as it is light and easy to wear. Unlike heavy shoes, you need extra energy to lift your feet in order to work and run.

In terms of disadvantages, you have to own at least two pairs of nursing clogs to identify which style, brand, and colours works best for you.